Sychrov Castle

Sychrov 1, 46344 Sychrov

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Sychrov chateau is ideal venue for big and small wedding. The chateau has two halls, Chateau Gallery (capacity: up to 200 guests) and Alain Hall. You choose also chateau chapel with romantic atmosphere or chateau park with mysterious corners and spacious lawns, where wedding reception can be.

WEDDING CEREMONY - If you want to book a wedding ceremony at the Sychrov Chateau, you need to proceed as follows:

1) The dates for wedding ceremonies can be booked at the registry office in Sychrov, contact (Phone: 485 146 081, e-mail:
2) The dates for wedding ceremonies, wedding spaces, pre-wedding meeting can be booked (contact person p. Namestek, e-mail:
3) Signing contract about rental wedding spaces

1) Choose place for wedding reception and book, meeting about information ( (p.Namestek, e-mail:
2) Sychrov Chateau does not provide catering services.

Sychrov Chateau offers a unique and romantic atmosphere, which is created for wedding ceremonies.

Seating: 16
Standing: unlimited
Price: 8.000 CZK - only rental
16.000 CZK - chateau package

Seating: 16
Standing: approx. 60
Price: 8.000 CZK - only rental
16.000CZK - chateau package

Seating: maximum 200
Price: 8.000 CZK - only rental
16.000 CZK - chateau package

Seating: 50
Standing: approx. 40
Price: 4.000 CZK - only rental
11.000CZK - chateau package

Chateau Sychrov is situated near the road R35 (Liberec - Prague). Directly in front of the castle there is also a paid car park.

Capacity for ceremony

  • 10-30
  • 30-50
  • 50-100
  • 100-200

Capacity for reception

  • 1-10
  • 10-30
  • 30-50
  • 50-100

Ceremony rental fee (CZK)

  • 1-5.000
  • 5-10.000
  • 10-12.000
  • 12-15.000
  • 15-20.000


Min. consumption no
Outdoor area yes
Music after midnight no
Custom alcohol no


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