Barbora Restaurant & Pension

Kremnická 909, 28401 Kutná hora
+420 327 316 327 +420 725 701 540

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Barbora Restaurant & Inn is situated on the edge of Kutna Hora historic centre, registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and next to St. Barbara Cathedral, the most important cultural monument of the medieval royal town of Kutna Hora.

The atmosphere of a pleasant seating in the restaurant is due to the direct view of the St. Barbora for our guests is unusual and unforgettable. Guests can take advantage of the direct access to the Temple Hall and the adjoining Jesuit college. Those who make use of the accommodation can admire the St. Barbora and the privacy of their rooms.

Vlašský courtyard

chateau Třebešice - Central Bohemian Gallery GASK - Historical premises

chateau Kačina - park, chapel

St. Barbara Cathedral

Parking is available at the hotel. (Limited places)! You can arrive by bus.

Capacity for ceremony

  • 50-100

Capacity for reception

  • 30-50

Menu price/person (CZK)

  • 700-1200

Minimal consumption/rent

  • 1-50.000

Accommodation - Number of rooms

  • 1-10

Accommodation - Price (CZK)

  • nad 1000,- CZK

Min. consumption yes
Outdoor area yes
Music after midnight no
Custom alcohol no


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