National house of Vinohrady

Náměstí Míru 820/9, 120 00 Praha 2
+420 221 596 111

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Alongside the building of the National Theatre, National Museum and Rudolfinum, the National House of Vinohrady is a beautiful and eloquent reflection of the cultural efforts of the late nineteenth century. Just like the National Theatre, the National House is a manifestation of national liberation efforts typical of nineteenth century society. In the nineteenth century the Czech lands were under a fourth century of Austrian rule, with increasingly intensified efforts to regain national freedom, not only in a physical form, but especially culturally. Several centuries of cultural and linguistic dominance by Austria and the German language had threatened the extinction or deep corrosion of Czech national identity - the loss of the Czech language, dilution of national pride and identity towards a merger with German-speaking countries, and ultimately the destruction of the Czech nation with its rich and important history

It is important to verify dates and arrange a meeting where you get know all you need.

Guests can be from the National house/to the National house transport buses (which will depart after unloading). Bus stop is 2 minutes from National house walk.

Ceremony rental fee (CZK)

  • 20.000+

Min. consumption no
Outdoor area no
Music after midnight no
Custom alcohol no


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