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Prague 6 and Prague 5 have on their territories the largest number of surviving houses from all over Prague. It was formerly surrounded them on all sides. Some settlements are only vineyard cottages, other large estates and another even small castle, sometimes with beautiful parks and ponds. Where does this actually took an interesting name of the homestead with a huge adjacent park? Once in these places decomposed great vineyards in the late 17th century, bought an Italian Count Ferdinand de la Philip Crone (FF Earl of Czech crowns). For the people of that time, however, was his outlandish-sounding name too complicated, and so he started calling Ladron, hence the local name was also Landronka. No, but as is usually the case, one explanation for researchers in the field of historical studies is not enough and so another interpretation of the name derives from the Italian word "Ladron," which means Czech robber. Earl place famous for being here built a coaching Inn, which was located in the pilgrimage from Loreto to Hájek so greatly prospered. In the 19th century, people did not go on pilgrimages so much and so began to prosper less, so it was converted into a rented farmhouse to at least earn some money. But it was no glory so homestead in 1922 took over the capital city of Prague and split it into tiny flats for the poor, which her condition benefited much less a further object fell into disrepair. Although he was already in 1964 declared a cultural monument, managed it in the seventies eventually devastate so that he only served as a warehouse. In the early nineties homestead occupied by squatters to build on its premises Centre noncommercial culture. The center is focused on alternative and marginal subcultural scene. Squatters here in the limited scope of their organized exhibitions, discussion meetings, lectures, theater performances and concerts until the end of 2000, when they were evicted. This was followed by extensive reconstruction of the entire estate, including the adjacent park and in 2005 it opened a socio-cultural-sports-gastronomic center city importance. Reconstructed Landronka won several architectural awards, for example, construction of 2006. Landronka as homestead has become a large park surrounding is a place for all generations and all directions of activities in all seasons.

Capacity for reception

  • 50-100

Capacity for ceremony

  • 300+

Cocktail price/person (CZK)

  • 0

Ceremony rental fee (CZK)

  • 0

Cocktail rental fee (CZK)

  • 0

Minimal consumption/rent

  • 50-75.000

Accommodation - Number of rooms

  • 0

Accommodation - Price (CZK)

  • do 1000,- CZK

Menu price/person (CZK)

  • 500-700

Loud music until

  • do 06.00

Min. consumption yes
Outdoor area yes
Music after midnight yes
Custom alcohol no


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