Residence Libechov

Liběchov 121, 277 21 Liběchov
315 650 000 603 160 568
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The wedding day is one of the unforgettable moments of life. Everyone yearns for D-Day taking place in a beautiful and romantic setting, which only highlight the festive atmosphere of fateful events. Beautiful and perfekt wedding looks for a good romance. Residence Liběchov offers exactly that. Classy, family-run hotel built in Art Deco style. Idyllic splendor is enhanced by an orangery, with beautiful views of the Kokořín Valley, where you're always in touch with nature and you do not need to worry about the weather. The villa itself and orangery attracts your attention with its perfekt design that respects the elegance and style of 1930 ´s and meets the most demanding needs. Rezidence Liběchov acquires weddings which have the hallmark of a fairytale beauty.

Registry Liběchov 315 697 016

Besides offering an unforgettable atmosphere spouses also the perfect wedding service. We prepare a wedding on a turnkey basis, according to the wishes of clients, including ensuring the registrar. Brides and grooms do not have to worry about anything, just choose from our varied menu and we will take care to perfect wedding day. We will provide all the organizing weddings - from bridal bouquets and decorations festivities, to the presence of an experienced cameraman or preparing for wedding favors. Babysitting is not a problem. Also we prepare a wedding reception precisely according to individual wishes and requirements of our clients

Increasingly sought alternative to the traditional wedding ceremony is outdoors, for which the residence Liběchov ideal conditions. Ceremony in a romantic garden arbor offers an unforgettable experience. You do not have to worry about the weather, we are prepared for every alternative. The newly built orangery with a capacity of 150 people is the place where you are in direct contact with nature, with spectacular views of the Kokořín Valley, extensive gardens and residential park, you catch the magic of colors in every season.

Free parking at the hotel.

Every wedding handled individually according to the bride.

Capacity for ceremony

  • 1-10
  • 10-30
  • 30-50
  • 50-100
  • 100-200

Capacity for reception

  • 1-10
  • 10-30
  • 30-50
  • 50-100
  • 100-200

Cocktail rental fee (CZK)

  • 0

Minimal consumption/rent

  • 1-50.000

Menu price/person (CZK)

  • 300-500

Cocktail price/person (CZK)

  • 100-300

Ceremony rental fee (CZK)

  • 5-10.000

Accommodation - Price (CZK)

  • nad 1000,- CZK

Accommodation - Number of rooms

  • 11-20

Loud music until

  • do 02.00


Min. consumption yes
Outdoor area yes
Music after midnight yes
Custom alcohol no


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