Chateau Třešť

Dr. Richtra 234, 589 01 Třešť
567 224 247 777 229 255
lechnyrova@zamek-trest.cz; recepce@zamek-trest.cz www.zamek-trest.cz

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The castle hotel Třešť is one of the popular tourist destinations in the Vysočina region. It is a stylish castle with architecture in predominating Renaissance style. It is situated in a picturesque landscape of the Třešť hills about 19 kilometres from the town of Jihlava in a beautiful area of a natural forest park on the outskirts of the town.

The following procedure is recommended to wedding couples and organizers. WEDDING CEREMONY reservations: registry office of the town of Třešť, Eva Doláková, 567 584 922, dolakova@trest.cz; Třešť parish, Tomáš Caha, farnost@tre-fa.cz, or directly at the castle - Castle hotel Třešť, Ivana Lechnýřová, 777 229 255, lechnyrova@zamek-trest.cz. Choose the day and time FOR THE CEREMONY. At the consultation meeting we will suggest flower arrangements, a wedding arch or wedding gazebo for the ceremony in the castle garden. Together we will choose the ceremonial hall or wedding lounge for an indoors wedding ceremony. We will recommend you our trusted partners - hair stylists and make-up artists, limousine, carriage or vintage car rental (Mercedes convertible is the most favourite - white one for the bride and black one for the groom). A ceremonial welcome and guidance to the altar by the princess and the prince, a cannon salute or fireworks at the end. Our guests like to use the babysitting service and the entertainment corner. Choose the shape and decoration on the table, the menu, music, entertainment programme and more for the WEDDING RECEPTION.
Visit us and we will be happy to guide you through a world of wedding preparations in our castle.

We are pushing the boundaries of your fantasy. We follow the current trends on the wedding market for you and regularly participate in major wedding fairs. We choose top quality partners for you and guarantee their work. We will guide you through the world of preparations to the actual wedding. We know that details play an important role for you. We let the uniqueness of the place and the magic atmosphere of the castle in a picturesque landscape of the Vysočina region show to full advantage.

WEDDING CEREMONY IN THE CASTLE GARDEN, a pleasant outdoor environment of a park in blossom
WEDDING CEREMONY IN THE CASTLE COURTYARD, surrounding omnipresence of the past
WEDDING CEREMONY IN THE CASTLE LOUNGE, a comfortable environment of the castle halls
WEDDING CEREMONY IN A BALLOON anchored in the castle garden with a beautiful view of the garden from the bird's eye perspective

Accessibility by bus and train.
Free parking lot at the hotel. Approximately 80 parking places with camera surveillance.
GPS 49°17'41"N, 15°29'14.05"E

Capacity for ceremony

  • 1-10
  • 10-30
  • 30-50
  • 50-100
  • 100-200

Capacity for reception

  • 50-100

Cocktail rental fee (CZK)

  • 0

Minimal consumption/rent

  • 1-50.000

Menu price/person (CZK)

  • 300-500

Cocktail price/person (CZK)

  • 100-300

Ceremony rental fee (CZK)

  • 5-10.000

Accommodation - Price (CZK)

  • nad 1000,- CZK

Accommodation - Number of rooms

  • 20+

Loud music until

  • do 01.00


Min. consumption yes
Outdoor area yes
Music after midnight yes
Custom alcohol no


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