Palffy Palac restaurant

Valdštejnská 14, 11800 Praha 1
+420257530522 +420602711230
palffy@palffy.cz www.palffy.cz

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Pálffy Palace Restaurant was established in 1994 on the second floor of the Pálffy Palace building. When entering the restaurant visitors will be enchanted by the inimitable period interior underlining the magical atmosphere of the place. During the summer months visitors can enjoy the comfortable terrace with a stunning view of Prague Castle, the Pálffy Gardens and Small Furstenberg Palace. The restaurant has two adjacent halls – the large mirror hall and a lounge, both suitable for wedding and corporate parties as well as variety of other social events.

One of the unique features of this restaurant located in the heart of Malá Strana is incredibly pleasant and calm atmosphere of glowing in the candlelight. Pálffy Palace Restaurant with its excellent cuisine and first-class services, is a unique place, where a gastronomy was promoted to the real art, and where you can enjoy the full of a pleasure to your all senses. In the historical building of Pálffy Palace, right in the heart of old Prague, certainly you will spend the most beautiful day in your life and you will be able to forget all the daily worries, because we take care of Your escape from every day reality to the last detail!
We provide a COMPLETE WEDDING SERVICE from the wedding ceremony, wedding announcements, print collateral menu and name tags, floral decorations, musical production... and lot of more things ...

Capacity for reception

  • 50-100

Minimal consumption/rent

  • 0

Accommodation - Number of rooms

  • 0

Accommodation - Price (CZK)

  • do 1000,- CZK

Menu price/person (CZK)

  • 500-700

Loud music until

  • do 05.00


Min. consumption no
Outdoor area no
Music after midnight yes
Custom alcohol no


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