Chateau Herálec

Herálec 1, 582 55 Herálec
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The secret dream of many a girl or woman is married to a princess.

In my dreams, rises in a beautiful wedding gown after wide stone staircase to the beautifully decorated bridal chamber ...

This dream becomes a reality for all who choose to spend their wedding day in a romantic castle hotel Chateau Herálec. Already during the project extensive heritage and historical reconstruction of the castle Herálec have thought of how to create the best environment for a dream wedding. Luxury hotel Chateau Herálec to prepare your luxury castle wedding: the ceremony in beautiful English park revitalization of the 18th century, in the intimacy of the beautiful castle courtyard, or in the Castle Hotel Chateau Herálec: from a restored chapel. Anne with breathtaking oratorio, through rugged Hall of ancestors to the posh pink lounge. Based on your needs, you can together with the castle wedding coordinator to prepare the beautiful wedding day they will not forget you nor any of your loved ones.

Allow Chateau Herálec - ALL INCLUSIVE your wedding destination!

CAUTION !! In the region there are two villages called Herálec, ours Chateau Herálec is only 7 km from the highway D1, EXIT 104 Windmill Jenikov.

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