Zámek Zleby

Zámecká 1, 285 61 Žleby
+420 327 398 121 +420 327 398 595
rehor.tomas@npu.cz www.zamek-zleby.cz/kontakty/

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Chateau Žleby allows you to connect the beginning of his life together with a romantic chateau style and its unique atmosphere.

Beautiful exterior with a spell of Renaissance courtyard arcades, which is suitable for a very romantic wedding ceremony. When it's raining, the ceremony will take place in the chapel or in the wedding hall.
- Seating capacity: max. 20 people
- Price including VAT 18 029, - CZK
- Rental time 30 minutes
- Number of seats: max. 60 people
- Own music or by offer

Spacious, double-arched hall on the ground floor of the eastern wing of the castle, accessible from the arcade courtyard. Representative chateau hall with original historical equipment. It is a heated area with year-round operation (even during the winter closure of the castle).
- Seating capacity: max. 25 people
- Number of seats: max. 30 people
- Own music or by offer
- Price including VAT 13 399, - CZK
- Rental time 30 minutes

Slavnostní sál s romantickou výzdobou, zachycující pohádkový příběh o víle Meluzíně. Jedná se o vytápěný prostor s celoročním provozem (i během zimní uzavírky zámku).
- Seating capacity: approx. 25 persons
- Number of places: about 30 people
- Own music or by offer
- Price including VAT 11 979, - CZK
- Rental time 30 minutes

Parking is approx. 100m from first gate.

Capacity for ceremony

  • 10-30
  • 30-50
  • 50-100

Min. consumption no
Outdoor area yes
Music after midnight no
Custom alcohol no


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